Laced With Love canmake your dreams come true 

Add style and elegance to your wedding day or special  occasion 

At Laced with Love you are able to select from a large range of already established decor and furniture, or meet with dedicated staff and allow them to source or create unique items to fit your individual style and budget.We will help you tie your vision together and create a beautiful setting for a day you will never forget. 

We have carefully created a number of wedding ceremony packages. If you are looking for anything from sweet and simple, to elegant and elaborate, look no further. All of our packages are able to be customised to fit the visions you have for your perfect day.  So don't feel limited to what you see on offer! Come and meet with our friendly staff, and let them help you bring your dream to life!!

Laced With Love are now styling wedding receptions and formal functions also. We can create a ceremony and reception package  customised to fit your budget. Let me make your special day a day to remember, with a touch of beauty and a dash of elegance. 


Laced With Love can also make a difference to any special occasion or corporate event. Call us for ideas, we can add elegance to your engagement party, colour to your baby shower. No matter what the occasion Laced With Love can create a beautiful setting just to fit  your style.